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A father’s influence is contagious and sets the atmosphere in the home. Influencing the family to a life of excellence or a life of mediocrity rest on the shoulders of fathers.

The purpose of a father’s influence is to bring flavor and illumination to his family. Living an obvious and exceptional life of excellence is an essential characteristic of fathers displaying their power of influence in the home.

Understanding his sphere of influence is critical for family survival.  The influence of a father is like a salt seasoning that adds richness to his family.  Salt is a powerful seasoning that flavors most foods.

This influence rich in vision, compassion, kindness and forgiveness brings out the flavor in each family member to rise to a level of success effortlessly.

Light is another great example of a father’s influence that illuminates his family.  Without the light turned on many families will stumble and walk in darkness (ignorance) for decades.  The light is the greatest influence in this atmosphere and without it visibility is not possible. A father’s words and actions must be rich in leadership for illuminating his family.

Fathers are salt and light to their families.  Therefore, they possess the highest form of influence in the home.  A father refusing to season his family, is a a father who has lost his flavor. Hence, he is no longer of value to his family and will not hesitate to abuse, destroy, sabotage or leave his family.  A little leaven, leaveneth the whole lump!

Every choice a father make will have repercussion in the life of each family member.  A father’s influence is connected to his relationships. There is no such thing as “It won’t affect the children”, this statement is a lie.  Every decision a father make has the potential to empower or destroy his family.  Please review the divorce courts rulings for more statistics.

We all can make a difference.  Celebrate “The Year of the Family” with us by sharing this article and influence a family toward excellence.



Family Safety Tip #1:  Make a decision to provide ample resources for helping each child to become more independent.  Visit your local library for ideas.

Family Safety Tip #2: Invest time with each child to assist with the development of visually creating their own purpose, vision, mission and values statements.

Family Safety Tip #3: Monitor your child’s progress and development.  Address areas for improvement at your weekly family meetings.

Family Safety Tip #4: Follow up with a weekly checklist of completed goals and implement a family rewards system.  Use stickers for younger children and the “Points” system for older children.

Family Safety Tip #5: Protect your children with daily prayers.

Family Safety Tip #6: Teach your children leaderships skills for adding value to their community.  Volunteer monthly as a family unit in helping others in need.

Family Safety Tip # 7:  Read one book monthly or attend a class/workshop at your local community college for gaining wisdom for sharing with your children.

Family Safety Tip # 8: Secure your own emotional state by filling up on joy daily.


The most common complaint of parents is, “It’s not that I don’t know what to do, it’s that I don’t do what I know!”   Doing too much for your children is an excellent example of knowing what to do, but not doing it.  This is called over parenting.

Children can only  relate at the level of their parents perception or thoughts of who they are.   If the perception of your child is limited, you will find yourself doing everything for them because you believe they are incompetent.

If the perception of your child is uplifting, you will eagerly provide tools and resources for your child to increase his/her capacity for self-growth.

Take time to reflect on the state of your mind before reacting or responding to your child.  Look at your children’s potential, not their inadequacies or mistakes.