Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speak.  A teenagers methodology (treasure) is hidden within their heart.  A teenagers heart is the center of their total being and holds their intentions.

Teenagers are the fruit (harvest) from their parents.   A respectful and loving teenager is harvested from a healthy tree (parent) and the positive principles taught in the home.  A disrespectful and rebellious teenager is harvested from a contaminated tree (parent) and the negative principles taught in the home.

A good tree cannot bear bad fruits, nor can a bad tree bear good fruits.  A Teenagers behavior (fruit) is always the result of a parents (tree) methodology deposited in the teenagers heart over the years. No teenager (fruit) can excel beyond actual knowledge of their parent (tree), without the restoration of the heart.

Every issue of life that affect teenagers stem from their heart, which consists of their mind, their decisions and their emotions.  Principles for guarding their heart is the most important skill parents MUST lead and teach their teenager strategically for operating at a level of excellence and power.

The futility of a teenagers mind has the potential to heal nations or destroy families.  Making decisions without comprehension is a dangerous and ineffective process many teenagers practice haphazardly. Can you imagine the thoughts and emotions that goes through a teenagers mind every day? Do you understand why your teenager is being manipulated by their emotions?

Parents can no longer turn a blind eye to their teenagers self-destructive ways of responding to the issues of life.  The tree (parents) cannot harvest (teen) anything different without first choosing to be responsible for the methodology taught in the home. THIS IS NOT A TEST!


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