The 1st P of Parenting is Prayer.  The power of a parent who pray for their children is considerable. Your prayers have the potential to protect, to bless, and to guide your children toward the loving arms of their heavenly Father.

The 2nd P of Parenting is Purpose.  The purpose of parenting is to add value to your children. In turn, your children will add value to the community and to the world.

The 3rd P of Parenting is Passion.  A parent’s passion is like a fuel that provides energy. In this case, that energy encourages children enthusiastically toward their destiny.

The 4th P of Parenting is Patience. By modeling a behavior that can at times be personally challenging, parents teach their children how to manage themselves more successfully.

The 5th P in Parenting is Peace. Peace is a state of mind parents choose at the beginning of each day (and throughout the day!). Peace brings power to parents as they strive to successfully manage daily family goals and activities.

The 6th P in Parenting is Preparation.  Being prepared mentally, emotionally and physically are foundational tools parents can use to cultivate a culture of self-discipline in the home.

The 7th P in Parenting is Persistence.  Persistent parents maintain a steady course of action and purpose in spite of obstacles, difficulties, and discouragement.

The 8th P in Parenting is Prioritization. Putting first things first is critical. When family priorities are strategically arranged, the results are higher productivity and higher returns on time invested.

The 9th P in Parenting is Positive Attitude.  Having a positive mindset in parenting is a key secret for producing healthy and emotionally strong children.  Positive parenting is the most effective style of parenting.



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