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Parents need to probe deeper by using questions to keep their children involved in taking self-responsiblity.  Below are some sample questions.

1. If someone did that you, what would you do?

2. What is the hardest part of this for you?

3. What would you lose by doing that?

4. If you knew the answer for solving this problem, what would it be?

5. What else?



Awareness and self-responsibility is the essence of effective parenting.  The ability to focus and concentrate on your priorities for parenting your child skillfully toward success are the key elements of awareness.

Clarity of your parenting role will empower, inspire and motivate your family for long-term success.  As a parent you are able to control only that of which you are aware of.  That of which you are unaware of will always control you.


The ability to move your child quickly and swiftly toward self-responsiblity is in applying the S.E.T. formula.

S stands for developing the habit of SHOWING your child visually the kind of behavior you would like them to adopt.

E is allowing room for your child to EXPERIENCE the process attached to the achievement of the behavior you have already shown them for adoption.

T is TELLING your child what behavior you would like them to adopt for taking responsibility.

Ineffective parenting is telling your child to do something without first showing them how to achieve it, and allow room for mistakes.


Helping your child to learn rather than teaching them is the foundation for unlocking your child’s potential for success.

Assisting your child toward maximizing their own performance is essential for growth and development.  Children are in constant need of nourishment and encouragement.

Believe more in your children’s capabilities rather than their negative expressions.


Clutter in the home represents the family’s state of mind.  Raising your children in excessive physical disorder and a chaotic environment is Pack Rat parenting.  Tolerated clutter is linked to low self-esteem and can be detrimental to your child’s health and overall development.

Eliminating the pack rat mentality means taking responsibility for the environment you choose to create for your family.  Be gentle with yourself when removing clutter from your home.  Removing clutter is not punishment. It is an act of love for yourself and your family.

Begin first by implementing 5 minutes declutter sessions three times per week.  Second, move up to fifteen minutes sessions, then thirty minutes sessions.  Following these simple steps will shift your family’s mind immediately from chaos to one of peace.  Celebrate your ability to take control of your life!


The first duty of a parent is to be productive and maintain good health.  Children need demonstration more than they need teaching.  A parent’s duty is to demonstrate healthy characteristics in order for their children to see and do like wise.

An unproductive parent is incapable of maintaining good health.  It is a parent’s duty to develop self-responsibility and to help their children prepare a better world for the next generation.


Many parents will never discover the purpose of parenting until they encounter an eye wakening opportunity with their child’s negative behavior.

The calling of being an effective parent comes as a result of obediently seizing the opportunity at hand with your child.

The burden of parenting precedes your vision of skillfully leading your family toward success.

The burden of parenting has several positive effects.  Your desire to connect with your child will often push you toward cultivating persistence.  Your persistence to discover your purpose of parenting will lead you to success.

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