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“Many times, when we are spread too thin, we only make incremental progress on important projects and goals. But if we focus on just a few important things, we can actually complete them. You’ll achieve much more by focusing on the essential.” From: The Power of Less: The Fine Art of Limiting Yourself to the Essential…in Business and in Life by Leo Babauta



Resource is simply a source of supply, support and aid.  Managing resources with excellence is imperative to maximize potential and produce superior work.  Children need essential skills for managing resources effectively to increase the unlimited opportunities available for their growth and success.  Developing resource management skills is the greatest mass communication tool children can embrace.

Resource management prepares children to increase personal value and productivity through the management of information.  Most children underestimate the value that come from having information that others may need in order to increase their personal value and productivity.

Billions of dollars are made annually from managing resources skillfully.  Corporations will spend millions of dollars just to get the right information ahead of time about their target market, before putting a product on the market.  Managing resources correctly usually commands the highest paying jobs.  However, if resources are not valued it becomes useless.

Children cannot afford to wait until their adult life, before understanding the value of managing resources available today for adding value to their lives.  Every child need to be informed daily about the unlimited resources available at their fingertip.  Parents must explain concepts about learning and comprehension very passionately.  Resource management is designed to increase productivity and must be cherished before reaping the benefits.

The time has come for parents to recognize their children’s intelligence.  Children are full of wisdom, knowledge and understanding.  Stop putting your children in a box where they become incapable of making good decisions with the information they have received from you.  Children respect parental support for maximizing their day.  Parents need to trust their children with information without repeating themselves.  It is important to know that your children’s comprehension level is increasing as you share information that is designed to enlarge their personal value and productivity.

Exposing children to unlimited resources for increasing growth should be a parent’s focus in developing their children’s resource management skills.  It is never too late to provide the right information to children. Refusing to provide the correct information to your children gives permission to someone else to deposit  incorrect information that could be used to destroy your child’s mind, their family and eventually their community.


“You can’t control your level of talent, but you can control your level of effort.”

From: The Pursuit: Wisdom for the Adventure of Your Life by Pat Williams



The heart of a parent includes their whole personality. A parent’s heart is a reflection of their interior life, which contains their emotions and their intellect. Emotions rooted in love transferred to children produces respectful and obedient children.  Emotions rooted in worry transferred to children produces children who are easily manipulated and victimized by others.

It is with the heart parents believe their children are capable of accomplishing great things or their children are unproductive and a constant victim to situations and people.  It is impossible for parents who transfer the victim mentality to their children to cultivate productive and loving children.

The words parent’s use to instruct their children daily reveals the condition of their heart.  A heart open to wisdom and knowledge (intellect) about effective parenting will produce a healthy and responsible parent/child relationship.  A heart full of pride, ignorance and selfish thinking will produce a parent/child relationship with limited vision.  Out of the abundance of a parent’s heart, words of love or words of criticism will emerge.

The heart of a parent reveals the real truth about their feelings toward their children. The most valuable treasure a parent can pass on to their children is a cheerful heart.  A happy heart transfers strength and confidence to children.  A merry heart is fundamental in raising children with healthy self-esteem.

All thoughts (negative or positive) parents downloaded about their children are deposited into their heart and communicated through their relationship.  Parents have the power to add value to their children’s foundation through the constant development of their interior life.  Applying the heart to understanding is a benefit of effective parenting skills many parents master to increase their children’s capacity to excel at home and at school.

A parent’s daily goal is to invest quality time adding value to their children.  Adding value to children is based on the condition of a parent’s heart.  Choose to improve your heart condition and maximize your child’s ability to add value to their homes and the community.


“When your deepest desire is not the things of God or a favor from God, but God himself, you cross a threshold.” From: YOU! God’s Brand-New Idea by Max Lucado


1. Get connected with a mentor

-Choose someone you respect and has the potential to add value to your progress; not a gossip buddy.

2. Create a family purpose, family vision, family mission, and family values statement to post in your home.

-Keep your statements to 10 words or less.

3. Request a library card in your child’s name

-Check with your local library to review the rules and age children can receive a library card.

4. Create a 5 year plan (use excel) to manage your children’s values for maximum success

-Identify a list of values you would like to demonstrate and share with your child before creating your plan.

5. Create a scrapbook or storyboard with colorful pictures displaying your children’s five-year plan

-Use innovation to bring your plans to life.

6. Create a 12 month operations plan (use excel) for each child’s development

-Schedule tasks in your parenting planner upon completion of your operations plan.

7. Create 12 specific goals to achieve annually with your children for the eight categories listed below.  Schedule activity in your parenting planner

-Eight categories include; Family, Financial, Health, Education, Community, Social, Spiritual, Reward

8. Establish an education fund for your child

-Research the  529 plan and other investment ideas with your bank, online or a financial planner.

9. Establish a kid’s savings account within the first week of your child’s birth

-This simple act is an excellent way to teach your child how money should work for them early; not graduating high school with a net worth of zero and a future of working for money.

10. Begin character building by executing the Intellectual Parenting Skills curriculum phase #1 with your children 

Visit: to download worksheets.


Families without a vision are guaranteed to destroy themselves, then the community.  Divorce courts are filled with cases of families who rejected the knowledge of creating and posting a family vision in the home.

Our jails are overflowing with men and women whose vision for making a positive difference in this world now put on hold.  Mortuaries cannot keep up with the abundance of clients daily whose visions for advancing the world will never be seen.  Worst than death is a family without a vision for advancing themselves and their community.

Visionary parenting is one of the most effective tools families can implement immediately and proactively without effort.  Parents can no longer make excuses as their children are sent to the dean’s office, taken away to a juvenile center or put in jail.

A child’s behavior is the parent’s report card.  Parents refusing to implement a positive vision for their children are giving permission for someone else to do so.  Parents must take responsibility for their own behavior and refuse to tolerate a  limited vision for their family development.

Establishing a family vision provides direction and inspires children to excel in all areas.  Challenges are welcomed easily and recognized as an opportunity for growth when children have a family vision.  Thinking outside the box for solutions is a mindset of children who have been exposed to a family vision.

To learn more about creating a family vision for your household visit our events section from our website and register for the free workshop entitled “Improve Your Child Self-Esteem in 60 Minutes” or email us at to bring this workshop to your location.