Archive | April 2011


The ultimate and most powerful emotion capable of raising outstanding and productive children in today’s world is joy.  Parenting with joy is measureless and abundant in accessible gladness.  Learning how to effectively apply joy in your home is a CHOICE used by many parent’s refusing to embrace a mediocre lifestyle for their family.

There are no negative emotions on this planet that can eliminate joy.  Test this out for yourself.  Once joy is activated in your family, it becomes the dominant emotion that communicates to each family member respectfully and with honor.  Disrespectful and out of control children are results of homes without a family priority for operating the power of joy.

The inability to use joy successfully within the family has removed stability and security in our communities.  A joyless family produces a joyless community.  Families in a community decide through their dominate emotions the future of their community.  Families unable to understand the role their own emotions play in their family unit and within their own community are wired to destroy everyone they meet and every project they work on.  These families are highly toxic to all communities.  But wait, there is hope!

Joy is foundational for inner and outer strength.   Emotional, physical and spiritual strength are rooted in joyousness.  No family can withstand the trials and challenges of this world successfully without mastering joy skillfully.

The only weapon effective against disobedient and undisciplined children is joyfully responding to their negative behaviors, not reacting anxiously.  Fear based parenting does not work.  It never did.  Children value the transference of their parents inner joy much more, than any other emotion. Test this for yourself.

What if the only tool you used to discipline your child was joy?  What if every time you come home from work your spouse was already filled up with more than enough joy to transfer to you?  What if you had an abundance of joy to communicate innovatively empathy throughout the day to your co-workers?  What if your family took that abundance of joy you gave them and shared it with the community?  What if your family used joy to change the crime rate in your State? What if you decided to make joy your dominate emotion? What if you were a happy parent?  The possibilities are endless with joy.

The science of joy is a paradigm shift in thinking.  That means parenting with unlimited happiness and without limitations on how to communicate effectively to your child’s negative behaviors.  Proactively making a conscious shift in your thinking at another level will always release new and innovative possibilities for maintaining constant joy in your home.

What will it take for you to implement joy as a parenting tool in your home?  When can you begin the process? How long will it take for you to shift your negative thinking and move your family to this level of success? What are you waiting for? GET STARTED NOW!