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The purpose of parenting is submerged in the immensity of the breadth, length, depth and height of a parent’s love.  A parent’s ability to comprehend the magnitude of their purpose in their child’s life is fundamental in the process of inspiring, motivating, and encouraging them toward excellence.

Breadth of parenting can be seen in the boundless affection and love parents demonstrate effortless daily to their children.  Forgiving your child immediately right after they’ve messed up is boundless parenting in action.  Who is responsible for teaching your child about forgiveness?  Children need to know that there is unlimited supply of forgiveness available from their parents.  Breadth of parenting provides inner security and stability for all children.

Length of parenting reflects the endless solutions parents are prepared to share with their children about life.   A Child’s search  for solution to obstacles and daily challenges comes from the relationship they experience with their parent’s.  To effectively position children for success, parents must become skilled in responding to changes and crisis proactively.  Length of parenting prepares children to think denominationally using endless possibilities to solve daily challenges.

Depth of parenting is associated with the exhaustless capabilities of a parent’s leadership role in the child’s life.  A parent’s leadership involves stamina, direction and focus.  Exhaustless parents are more than capable of sharing with their children the family’s purpose for living.  Who is responsible for sharing the family’s purpose with your child?  Children respond with excitement and a zest for life more when a  parent’s leadership in the home has direction.  Depth of parenting builds structure and assist children with creating a culture for improving unacceptable behaviors.

Height of parenting is a display of measureless intentions and gratitude for your children.  Children intuitively respond to their parents intentions.  Measureless intentions are inspiring and accelerates the child’s learning potential. Using gratitude as a family value fosters limitless peace in the home.  Children are more productive and achieve significant results when parents use measureless intentions as a form of discipline.  Choosing to communicate positive intentions to your children daily is the highest form of parenting.  Height of parenting prepares children for expansiveness in leading themselves and in serving their community successfully.

Effectively comprehending the breadth, length, depth and height of parenting is a true measurement of a parent’s love.  Children are a gift to parents and therefore very valuable to their homes and their community.  Cherish each moment with your children, value their role in your life.  Be grateful for their purpose on the planet. or