Motivation is a key principle many children live by and often reflect the atmosphere in the home.  Motivated children are self-starters and focus highly on what they can do, not on what they cannot do.

These children are very humble and do not think highly of themselves, more highly than they should.  Humility is the greatest character of a motivated child.  Pride destroys children, but a humble child commands honor.

Comforted in times of grief over the lost of a grandparent, a toy or a pet, motivated children embrace the opportunity to face all adversity with a positive attitude.  Always looking on the bright side of life is an attitude motivated children use to their advantage.

Accomplishments are shared with others with the relationship of a motivated child.  Shared accomplishments is the seed for long-term success.  The inheritance of success is a byproduct of children who share their accolade with others.

Motivated children crave knowledge and are eager to learn the principles for making a difference in their family, at their school and in their community.  Filled with infinite ideas and wisdom, these children develop innovative software programs, create fundraisers to improve the environment and establish campaigns for moving their generation forward.

Merciful, forgiveness and kindness are just some of the strategic tools motivated children use to disarm bullies, and those who lack self-control.  Rich in mercy, many motivated children use this essential tool for eliminating delays and controlling the enemies of time.

With a pure heart, motivated children monitor what they watch, read and hear.  Materials laced with violence, negativity and destruction has the potential to damage a child’s  future beyond repair.  Monitoring the intensity of this negative and carefully marketed broadcast directed at a child’s ear and eye gate is essential in the protection of their mind.  Monitoring is a specific tactic implemented by motivated children to reduce the premeditated attack against their  growth and development.

Where peace is concern, motivated children choose to be peacemakers.  Peacemakers are admired by many individuals and are considered to be “Super Heroes” for most children.  Encouraging others to get along is a trait peacemakers use effortlessly to bring calm to conflicts and disagreements.  Motivated children love peace because it sets the temperature of their heart.

Refusing to be the victim and making the decision to live a life of excellence often follows the trail of motivated children. A life of excellence is a discipline and is a  core element of children motivated to behave with the highest integrity.  Bringing their weaknesses to light and asking questions so as correct them, motivated children has the potential to articulate their performance to a level skilled beyond reach.


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