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Children’s Victor-Victim Mentality


1. Victor-Child consistently strives to solve personal obstacles.

2. Victim-Child believes their personal obstacle is unsolvable.

3. Victor-Child affirms “I Choose to Be Responsible”.

4. Victim-Child affirms “I’ll try” (no commitment).

5. Victor-Child practices self-control with their emotions.

6. Victim-Child loses self-control by managing the emotions of others.

7. Victor-Child identifies the good in all situations.

8. Victim-Child gives details about how horrible their day was.

9.  Victor-Child takes responsibility for their choice of behavior.

10.  Victim-Child blames others and refuses to look first at their own behavior.


Back To School Mind Management Tips

Mind Management is a vital tool parents can execute progressively in preparing children for back to school with excellence.  Mind management is the principle of intelligence and one of the most valuable and practical skill parents can share with their children before the school year begin.

Parents can prepare themselves and their children for back to school effectively by executing three major tips.    

1. A Clear Child Friendly Vision Plan:

-Establishing a clear vision plan will help to communicate powerfully a parent’s intentions for their children, before and during the entire school year.

-A clear vision plan encourages children to achieve their mental target of becoming more responsible and successful during the school year.

2. A Detailed Child Friendly Mission Plan:

-Successful learning and exceptional memory are attributed to children with a thorough and comprehensive mission plan throughout the school year.

-A detailed mission plan is an invisible hand that guides children towards achieving the vision plan created before the school year begin.

3. A Comprehensive Child Friendly Values Plan:

-The fundamental values parents pass on to their children often determine the core reason for their behavior.

-An authentic value plan will motivate children towards outstanding performance throughout the entire school year.